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Katarzyna Musiał: A Multitude of Talents in One Person

"After this lovely appetizer, Fuego Flamenco came and set the evening on fire. I am always dazzled by the multiple talents of Katarzyna Musial, who combines perfect mastery of the piano with that of flamenco dance! You have to see her excellently interpret virtuosic piano pieces and then seamlessly rise - as if nothing happened - to continue the piece as a seasoned flamenco dancer... What a talent in one person! Several pieces from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, mainly from Andalusia, were performed during this first part of the show."
Luce Laganis, @Patwhite, 2023

Glowing Reviews of Fuego Flamenco's Performance at the 8th edition of the Stella Musica Festival

"Adding a touch of fiery intensity to the evening, the group Fuego Flamenco graced the stage with their extraordinary fusion of flamenco and Latin American music. Led by the exceptionally talented trio of Katarzyna Musiał (piano, dance), Hanser Santos Gómez (percussion, voice), and Hugo Larenas (guitar), Fuego Flamenco delivered a spellbinding performance, accented by stunning background visuals, that blended traditional and contemporary elements while captivating the senses."
- Genevieve PM Roy @PBS, 2023

Sensational Concert in New York to Kick Off 2023!

During this unique concert combining flamenco and Latin American music, the audience heard the expressive piano and guitar playing [Katarzyna Musial Piano, Hugo Larenas] of works by the greatest composers from Spain, Cuba, Brazil and Venezuela. Between pieces, Katarzyna performed beautiful flamenco dances with flair and passion.”
- Zosia Zeleska-Bobrowski, @Super Express USA, 2023

New Year's Concert in Warsaw: A Remarkable Event!

"…We enjoyed some superb interpretations. It was an incredible musical spectacle, exceptional, intriguing, with many surprises."
- Robert Łapiński, 2022

Katarzyna Musiał: A Multitalented Performer with a New Artistic Persona

"…But the final bouquet of the evening awaited us, with the brilliant performance, on piano and flamenco dance, by Katarzyna Musial Piano , and on percussion, by Hanser Santos Gómez. We were left absolutely astonished. The extremely virtuoso pianist Katarzyna Musial suddenly turns into a flamenco dancer and comes to perform flamenco dance solos - with great success - accompanied by the percussion virtuoso Hanser Santos Gomez, of Cuban origin. It's a breathtaking duo!"
- Luce Langis, 2021

What happens when pianists are in quarantine

Pianist in Quarantine
Taylor Gordon, 2021

Katarzyna Musiał performed in the master recital series at the Warmia-Masuria Philharmonic in Olsztyn.

"Katarzyna made a huge impression with her playing and personality."
- Jarosław Trzciński, 2019

The efforts of Katarzyna Musiał, the founder of Stella Musica Festival, are aimed at improving the situation of female musicians.

Founder of Stella Musica
Richard Bugs Burnett, 2019

Recital Tournée 2019 - My Spanish Heart

Katarzyna Musial is thrilled to announce her upcoming summer Polish tour, presenting My Spanish Heart:
Oswiecim Cultural Center
Warmia-Mazuria Philharmonic Hall among others
A Canadian tour is planned for the Fall.

Latest Reviews - My Spanish Heart

Katarzyna Musial's most recent album, My Spanish Heart, dedicated to works by Manuel de Falla, Granados and Mompou, among others, has generated its fair share of media hype. Having received rave reviews, it is now playing on radio stations around the world, reaching the top 10 on the classical charts. Below are a selection of recent reviews:
Era Jazzu
ArtPost Magazine
La Scena Musicale
The WholeNote
Pizzicato Magazine

Festival Stella Musica 5th Edition

Under the artistic leadership of pianist Katarzyna Musial, the 5th edition of the Festival Stella Musica featured the premiere of Barbara Croall's Concerto for piano, pipigwan and orchestra. This fascinating and groundbreaking work was dedicated to Musial, the festival's founder and artistic director. Featuring outstanding artists from diverse backgrounds, audiences found the 5th edition of the festival to be a resounding success. "We are always trying to feature works by exceptional women artists", says Katarzyna Musial. "Our willingness to constantly showcase women’s creativity is what propels the Festival forward and attracts a broad range of audiences".

The New Album is here!

The new album, My Spanish Heart, is now available online at iTunes and Amazon.
For a signed copy send us an email at info@pianist.pl.

Concerts in Europe

Katarzyna is delighted to perform in Warsaw and Dresden on her tour in Europe.